Probiotics – The end of gut issues?


I’ve always taken Probiotics over the years and some where good and some bad.  I’ve been using the Gummy Bear ones from Schiff, stating “100X survivability versus yogurt.”  Who doesn’t like a good Gummy Bear that’s Healthy for you?  Sugar is the issue.

There is too much sugar that counteracts the benefit of the good bacteria.  The sugar was feeding the fungus or yeast in my gut.

I watched this video a while ago about the bad fungus in your guy called Candida.  This fungus won’t kill. But, in immune compromised bodies, you can have other serious health issues like thrush.  So on the journey of long awaited gut issues, i found the video again.

Probiotic America


WARNING:  This video is long and granted it’s an infomercial, there are a lot of good facts and information.  Yes they will try to sell you on buying their products.  Not to mention, they try to add bottles at the end of your shopping cart for a cheaper price per bottle. Don’t be fooled.  Just say no thank you and continue to check out.

Please note that the FDA does not regulate vitamins and supplements and I’m not endorsing or diagnosing that you take Probiotics.

Yes, I Purchased

After a few bouts of really bad gut issues these past few months, I had to make a change. So I’m challenging myself to their challenge of feeling better and money back guarantee.  Plus i’m juicing and eating a health meal per day.  Cut back on the alcohol and try to exercise more.

Wish me luck! I’ll update you as time goes on…….

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