I’ve Moved

West Seattle Massage has moved to Georgetown, 98108.  I will be practicing out of “A Moment for You”.   My schedule will remain the same, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, 2 PM – 10 PM.  Online scheduling will stay the same.

My Cash Rate is going up to $100 for 60 Minutes, $140 for 90 Minutes and $180 for 2 Hours.  Please check back for more web specials as I add a membership program back.  I will also be adding a CranioSacral special while I study for my Techniques Certification.  I have one more class to TA and then I’ll be taking my Preparation Class in December.  I hope to be certified in the first quarter of 2019.

1709 Harbor Ave SW will be turned into 17 Luxury Apartments. They started construction and will not be conducive to treating people with CranioSacral. It was an Awesome space while it lasted and I would love to move back to the picturesque setting.

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Site Down

I’m so sorry if you tried to get onto my site over the last 48 hours.  I was moving to SITEGROUND hosting.  I have moved away from Networksolutions Web hosting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact form to let me know!

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving Holiday!



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Probiotics – The end of gut issues?


I’ve always taken Probiotics over the years and some where good and some bad.  I’ve been using the Gummy Bear ones from Schiff, stating “100X survivability versus yogurt.”  Who doesn’t like a good Gummy Bear that’s Healthy for you?  Sugar is the issue.

There is too much sugar that counteracts the benefit of the good bacteria.  The sugar was feeding the fungus or yeast in my gut.

I watched this video a while ago about the bad fungus in your guy called Candida.  This fungus won’t kill. But, in immune compromised bodies, you can have other serious health issues like thrush.  So on the journey of long awaited gut issues, i found the video again.

Probiotic America


WARNING:  This video is long and granted it’s an infomercial, there are a lot of good facts and information.  Yes they will try to sell you on buying their products.  Not to mention, they try to add bottles at the end of your shopping cart for a cheaper price per bottle. Don’t be fooled.  Just say no thank you and continue to check out.

Please note that the FDA does not regulate vitamins and supplements and I’m not endorsing or diagnosing that you take Probiotics.

Yes, I Purchased

After a few bouts of really bad gut issues these past few months, I had to make a change. So I’m challenging myself to their challenge of feeling better and money back guarantee.  Plus i’m juicing and eating a health meal per day.  Cut back on the alcohol and try to exercise more.

Wish me luck! I’ll update you as time goes on…….

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Email Service Interruption

Email Interruption

Saturday, August 6, 2016 4 PM – 10 PM,  my email server was down while we moved from “Network Solutions/ A Web Company” to Siteground.  I chose this new company based on pricing and dedicated support for WordPress.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions was horrible when it came to customer service and resolving any issues.  When I know more than the customer service representative, that’s not a good situation.  I would not recommend Network Solutions.  Now I have to fight for a refund.  The last time it took 6 months before I saw the refunded money.


Moving web hosting companies is never an easy task.  I used Siteground’s service which is normally $30.00 but with my account, it was complimentary.  Needless to say, within 24 hours, they had my site moved over and working. I was the block for getting the DNS servers changed.  I’m so happy to be working with Siteground.  If you want a special hosting deal, please let me know.

If you haven’t heard back from me and you might have sent an email, please use the contact form on Massage Practice 101.  I look forward to hearing from you.

I’m very sorry for the interruption.  Have a save SeaFair weekend.

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Relay for Life 2013

Relay for Life 2013

I have always volunteered in some fashion as a decent human being.  Since I’ve been a massage therapist, there are more opportunities for volunteerism.  So why do I volunteer?

Why do I Volunteer?

First and foremost, it’s about giving back to the community in which I live.  Whether it’s for a good cause or in some cases, make a friend look good with their peers.  Many clients that are part of a non-profit asks for complimentary massage gift certificates.  This is a great way to advertise, but also allows the non-profit to raise money.  I have no problem volunteering my time for a good cause, especially if my client believes in that cause.

Secondly, I volunteer to help the Massage profession and massage community.  Our profession is always at risk of not being covered by insurance, prostitution, and human trafficking.  Yes many places off ill repute are usually human trafficking fronts.  By volunteering my time to educate the public, I make our profession stronger.


Community Volunteerism

Free Healing Clinic – Tacoma

Healing touch institute in Tacoma is my most way to volunteer.  Giving Massages to the under insured.  Here I am practicing my CranioSacral work.  It allows me to help people as well as hone my technique.  Craniosacral work is very rewarding.  Finding the person’s cranial rhythm can be a reward in itself.  But after finding that rhythm and helping their body adjust to what it needs is more than a reward.  Free Healing Clinic is on the Third Friday of every month from 12 – 5 PM.  Located at Intuitive Mind training facility 2709 Bridgeport Way W, Tacoma, WA.


Snohomish Massage Group

Teaching a free class on Social Media in Snohomish

Our Massage Association here in WA is made up of volunteer massage therapist throughout the state.  I was on the Massage Emergency Response Team since 2004.  We were called out to disaster sites to help the responders recoup from the day’s work and get back out on the field when needed.  I currently reside as the Secretary of the Board for AMTA-WA.  The national organization has staff that run everything but here in WA we have events and meetings for continuing education.   I have taught at these events as well as volunteer help in running the operations during the events.  Not only do I get to meet other massage therapists from all parts of the state, but also get to firsthand knowledge of legislation changing the profession.

My Own Practice

Lupus Walk 2011 Alki Beach

Lupus Walk 2011 Alki Beach

I know there are many under insured individuals out there.  I tend to give out free massages when I see the need.  If you know someone that needs a free massage, you should send me a note through my contact form and let me know why and how to contact that person.  I’m not a big believer in Karma, but helping someone with an issue or pain, is a reward like no other.  In the past I’ve done Teachers Appreciation Week, Nurses Appreciation Week, American Cancer Society Relay for Life and Lupus Walk on Alki.  All great causes.

Feel free to leave a comment on how you volunteer below!  If you know someone that is under insured and needing a massage, please use my contact form to let me know.

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Home of the 60 Minute Massage

Most therapist will do 50 minute massages and turn over their treatment room in 10 minutes.  This means that they are charting your session, sanitizing the table and room, taking care of themselves and giving you aftercare if needed in less than 10 Minutes. Then they start another massage and continue this for a whole 8 hour shift.  Reality is you’re barely getting 50 minutes and you’re just a number and paycheck.

Table and Room

West Seattle Massage Table and Room

Home of the 60 minute massage is here.  You’re being robbed of your insurance benefit and well-earned money and could be risking benefits being reversed. Leaving you to pay the bill. Private health insurance can request a medical review of your charts from your massage therapist.  Most therapist hide behind a full “unit” (15 Minutes) by only performing 7.5 minutes depending on the insurance company and contract.  4 Units (4 x 7.5 = 30 Minutes) make up 1 hour of treatment or the equivalent of one benefit unit per insurance company.  There are no .5 benefits in Private Health Insurance.  As medical providers we have to chart our sessions just like your Doctor.  So if a 50 Minute Massage (3 units at 15 minutes plus 1 unit at 7.5 = 52.5 minutes). So where does “50 Minutes” come from? Perhaps another blog post later.

Do you really think your Massage Therapist is doing the job they need to meet a Medical Review on your benefits and treatment?  Some may but I would bet most wouldn’t due to the time requirements Employers put on the Massage Therapist.  Insurance companies don’t want to spend the time auditing medical provides.  There’s a category of Massage Therapist that is there to get a paycheck and not to worry about contraindications and do the massage without adequate training.  Massage is pretty safe, but depending on your health and activities of daily living, you could suffer some side effects.

Most therapist that have private practices will give you the full 60 Minute massage.  Know before you book that you are getting the full time.  Price comparison is also important. If you are paying $60 for 50 minute massage, that’s $1.20 per minute. At this rate if you were to get a true 60 minutes of hands on, you’d be paying $72.00 for the session. With experience and continuing education, you will pay more for the Massage Therapist.  Looking for someone that is going to help you most commonly will have certifications. Techniques we learn are called “Tools” in our tool box.  No longer is Swedish or Deep Tissue going to help your every ailment.

We all love Swedish massage and how relaxing it can be.  Deep Tissue, a little deeper work but ask any therapist what Deep Tissue is and you’ll get a different answer.  Deep Tissue to me is going just deep enough that you’re not pulling away from the pressure I’m applying. We work on deeper fascia than the superficial ones. People can be sore after Deep work and drinking lots of water can reduce the risk of being sore.

As I move into Craniosacral (CST) and Visceral (VM) work, I’m astounded on the results and sensations people feel and report back.  Both are very light work. Not to mention that people continue to feel the effects of the session long after the treatment.  Again, CST and VM are just tools in my toolbox. I have taken all series of the Onsen Technique and went onto to learn Structural Relief Therapy (SRT) to get certified. I’m currently working on my Craniosacral and Visceral certifications and Teacher’s Assistant for SRT

I perform a full 60 minutes of hands on time. I spend time with you to ensure your safety and treatment goals. You’ll have time to get up at your leisure.  Schedule your massage today


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Opened My Solo Practice

I’m pleased to announce that I have opened my solo practice at 1709 Harbor Avenue SW, Suite 100 here in West Seattle. I’m still credentialed with all the great insurance companies.
Due to being so close to the West Seattle Water Taxi, my hours are 2 PM – 11:30 PM and one weekend day.  Parking can be very difficult during the day hours due to the commuters using the West Seattle Water Taxi.  You can park in the 2 hour spots at the Water Taxi’s dock as well.  Usually around 3 PM the parking becomes easier in front of the building and seems to be completely empty around 6 PM.
I’m using online scheduling similar to what I used before. There is an app for iPhone and Androids now to make things easier.  Scan the QR code below to book through your phone.  As always, you can call or text me at 206-535-2873. I hope to see you soon!
QR for MBO
Have a safe holiday.
Michael J. Mandell, LMP
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