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Most therapist will do 50 minute massages and turn over their treatment room in 10 minutes.  This means that they are charting your session, sanitizing the table and room, taking care of themselves and giving you aftercare if needed in less than 10 Minutes. Then they start another massage and continue this for a whole 8 hour shift.  Reality is you’re barely getting 50 minutes and you’re just a number and paycheck.

Table and Room

West Seattle Massage Table and Room

Home of the 60 minute massage is here.  You’re being robbed of your insurance benefit and well-earned money and could be risking benefits being reversed. Leaving you to pay the bill. Private health insurance can request a medical review of your charts from your massage therapist.  Most therapist hide behind a full “unit” (15 Minutes) by only performing 7.5 minutes depending on the insurance company and contract.  4 Units (4 x 7.5 = 30 Minutes) make up 1 hour of treatment or the equivalent of one benefit unit per insurance company.  There are no .5 benefits in Private Health Insurance.  As medical providers we have to chart our sessions just like your Doctor.  So if a 50 Minute Massage (3 units at 15 minutes plus 1 unit at 7.5 = 52.5 minutes). So where does “50 Minutes” come from? Perhaps another blog post later.

Do you really think your Massage Therapist is doing the job they need to meet a Medical Review on your benefits and treatment?  Some may but I would bet most wouldn’t due to the time requirements Employers put on the Massage Therapist.  Insurance companies don’t want to spend the time auditing medical provides.  There’s a category of Massage Therapist that is there to get a paycheck and not to worry about contraindications and do the massage without adequate training.  Massage is pretty safe, but depending on your health and activities of daily living, you could suffer some side effects.

Most therapist that have private practices will give you the full 60 Minute massage.  Know before you book that you are getting the full time.  Price comparison is also important. If you are paying $60 for 50 minute massage, that’s $1.20 per minute. At this rate if you were to get a true 60 minutes of hands on, you’d be paying $72.00 for the session. With experience and continuing education, you will pay more for the Massage Therapist.  Looking for someone that is going to help you most commonly will have certifications. Techniques we learn are called “Tools” in our tool box.  No longer is Swedish or Deep Tissue going to help your every ailment.

We all love Swedish massage and how relaxing it can be.  Deep Tissue, a little deeper work but ask any therapist what Deep Tissue is and you’ll get a different answer.  Deep Tissue to me is going just deep enough that you’re not pulling away from the pressure I’m applying. We work on deeper fascia than the superficial ones. People can be sore after Deep work and drinking lots of water can reduce the risk of being sore.

As I move into Craniosacral (CST) and Visceral (VM) work, I’m astounded on the results and sensations people feel and report back.  Both are very light work. Not to mention that people continue to feel the effects of the session long after the treatment.  Again, CST and VM are just tools in my toolbox. I have taken all series of the Onsen Technique and went onto to learn Structural Relief Therapy (SRT) to get certified. I’m currently working on my Craniosacral and Visceral certifications and Teacher’s Assistant for SRT

I perform a full 60 minutes of hands on time. I spend time with you to ensure your safety and treatment goals. You’ll have time to get up at your leisure.  Schedule your massage today


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